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Of discovery: the seas, the winds, have been steadily, breaking into, the silence, above these skulls; of the memory: above the bone, still buckled in its webbing, & the chin strap holding; over the dog tags, & bracelets of moa bone; over the bones impacted, by the lead nose, & the edge of the mere; and of hope: has been breaking, where the godwits, have returned, where in the blackened bush, a young kauri, has struck gold, & sent its roots, well home.
Kia ora and welcome to my website! I write poetry for both adults and children, but I also write short stories, write reviews about other poets' work, and collect good poems together to be published. As you read through these pages I'm sure that you will find something to inspire you to write your own poetry. On each page there is a poem that shows my style of writing and also what I write about. You will see that I write mainly about New Zealand - its animals, people, and history - and the poems show how lucky we are to be living in such a beautiful country.

I have written 4 poetry books, a collection of poems for students, and a book about the way the early Maori people live. As well I try to write new poems and send these off to be published in books and magazines.

I live in Rangiora, near Christchurch in the South Island, but it is only a short drive to my favourite beaches, rivers, and mountains. I enjoy tramping and fishing so it is not surprising that many of my poems are about the environment and why we should look after it.

Enjoy the website and if you have any questions, ideas, or want to find out how another writer (like yourself) works, just drop me a line.
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