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on opposite sides, of a flooded valley, men looking for a way, to cross the black water, watch each other, in the lightning; against the bituminous clouds, the silhouette of a man, draped in flax, stands on a rock, he carries a stone, wet from the rain.
During my writing career I have been fortunate to have written work that has been accepted in a number of New Zealand and international writing magazines. The following list will show you the variety of literary opportunities and activities possible for a writer.

  • Creative New Zealand Writing Grant 2002-2003 for "Conversation With A Moahunter", Steele Roberts, 2005.
  • Creative New Zealand Writing Grant 2000 for "Rivers Without Eels", Huia Press, 2001.
  • New Zealand Literary Fund Writing Grant 1990 for "Unfinished Crossword", Hazard Press, 1990.

  • 3rd Prize in Classics Poetry Competition, 2008.
  • Highly Commended International Poetry Competition 2008 for "A Poem for Hone above the Buller River".
  • Co-Winner of Te Atairangikaahu Literary Award 1993.
  • Shortlisted PEN First Book Award 1991.
  • 3rd Prize Aramoana Poetry Competition, 1980.

  • Poetry reading in "Two Rivers Meet" a film by Richard Turner and Rowley Habib, 1977.

Short Story:
  • The Revelation', Air New Zealand Skyway Magazine, June 1983

  • New Zealand Poetry Society, Wellington, 2008.
  • 60th Anniversary of Hiroshima Day, 2005.
  • Christchurch Writers Festival 2004.
  • Waimakariri Arts Council Literary Group, 2003
  • The Space, Wellington, 2001.
  • Kai Tahu Arts Festival, Dunedin, 2000.

  • National Radio (Bookmarks), November 2001.
  • 'Principals Today Magazine', 2001.

  • Creative New Zealand Grants First Funding Round 1997-98.

Poetry Judge:
  • Waimakariri Poetry Competition, 2004.

  • 'The Albatross Bones' – short story on National Radio, July 21st, 2004.
  • Poems – "Rivers Without Eels" and "Poetry Reading" for National Radio broadcast of "Spinning A Line" (Editor, Owen Marshall,Vintage 2001).

Guest Poet:
  • Canterbury Collective Poets, 2004
  • Canterbury Poets Collective, 1998.
  • Canterbury Poets Collective, 2014.

  • Poem – 'Conversation with a Moahunter' in 'How to Achieve in Year 10 English' (Cengage Learning (NZ) Limited, 2009)
  • Poem – 'Anzac Day, Mount Fyffe, Kaikoura' in 'Voices of the Pacific' – a poetry resource, edited by Dinah O'Meara, Pearson Education New Zealand, 2006.
  • Poem – 'Passage of Time' (from "Rivers Without Eels") used in Sixth Form External English Examination, 2006.
  • Speed Date an Author, 2014.

Poems have been accepted for inclusion in the following anthologies:
  • "Our Closest Relatives: 100 New Zealand Poems About Animals", edited by Siobhan Harvey (Godwit, 2009)
  • 'Before the Sirocco' The New Zealand Poetry Society Anthology 2008 – edited by Joanna Preston, 2008
  • 'Land Very Fertile' – Banks Peninsula in Poetry and Prose edited by David Gregory and Coral Atkinson (University of Canterbury Shards of Silver) – New Zealand Poets On Photography by Paul Thompson (Steele Roberts Ltd, 2006)
  • 'Spirit Abroad' edited by Paul Morris, Harry Ricketts and Mike Grimshaw (Godwit, 2004)
  • 'Whetu Moana – Contemporary Polynesian Poems in English' – editors Albert Wendt, Reina Whaitiri & Robert Sullivan (AUP, 2003)
  • 'Big Sky' edited by Bernadette Hall and James Norcliffe (Shoal Bay Press, 2002
  • 'Real Fire – New Zealand Poetry of the 1960's and 1970's' – selected by Bernard Gadd (Square One Press, 2002)
  • 'Essential New Zealand Poems' (Selected by Lauris Edmond and Bill Sewell, Godwit, 2001)
  • 'Spinning A Line' – New Zealand Writing About Fishing – edited by Owen Marshall (Vintage 2001)
  • 'Homeland: New Writing from America, the Pacific, and Asia'. (Manoa 9:1, University of Hawai'I Press, 1997)
  • 'Te Ao Marama 5,Te Torino, Contemporary Maori Writing' – edited by Witi Ihimaera, Haare Williams, Irihapeti Ramsden and D.S. Long (Reed, 1996)
  • 'The Visionary' – a limited edition of New Zealand poets published by Elizabeth Serjeant (Puriri Press, 1989)
  • 'Puna Wai Korero – An Anthology of Maori Poetry in English'. Edited by Reina Whatiri and Robert Sullivan. AUP 2014.
  • 'Essential New Zealand Poems – Facing the Empty Page'. Selected by Siobhan Harvey, James Norcliffe and Harry Ricketts. Random House 2014.
  • 'Cluetopia – The Story of 100 Years of the Crossword'. David Astle. Allen and Unwin 2013.
  • 'Notes for the Translators'. Edited by Kit Kelen. Cerebus Press 2012.

Online Guest Poet:
  • 'Bounty' by Koenraad Kuiper (Canterbury University Press, 2008)
  • 'Indian Shadows' by Isha Wagner (Square One Press, 2008)
  • 'Lazy Wind Poems' by Graham Lindsay (AUP, 2003)
  • 'Electric Yachts' by Tony Beyer (Puriri Press, 2003)
  • 'Storyteller' by Simon Williamson (HeadworX, 2002)
  • 'Lazy Wind Poems' by Graham Lindsay ( UP, 2003)
  • 'Electric Yachts' by Tony Beyer (Puriri Press, 2003)
  • Poetry Reviewer for the Press from 1988 to 2000
  • 'Flaubert's Drum' by Sugu Pillay (Interactive Press 2012)
  • 'Night's Glass Table' by Karen Zelas (Interactive Press, 2012)
  • 'Three Days in a Wishing Well' by Kerrin P. Sharpe (Victoria University Press, 2012)

Literary Poster:
  • Inclusion on the Literary Map of New Zealand published by Steele Roberts, 2005.

Online Poetry:
Poems accepted for publication in the following online magazines:
Publication of Individual Poems:
Poems have been published in the following magazines, books etc, since 2001:
  • Press, Kokako, Southern Ocean Review, Te Karaka, Bravado, Poetry Aotearoa, Takahe, Spin, Troutfisher, Jaam, Brief, Listener.

Other Publications:
  • Articles on flyfishing in 2003-2004 issues of 'Troutfisher', edited by Peter Storey, Lake Tarawera. New Zealand.
  • Author entry in 'The Oxford Companion to New Zealand Literature'(ed Roger Robinson and Nelson Wattie OUP 1998):
    Rangi Faith is a poet, anthologist and reviewer. First published in Te Ao Hou, he was substantially represented in Into The World Of Light (1982). His collection Unfinished Crossword (1990) was praised for its observant and unsentimental treatment of the 'unsettled scores of a colonial history' (Tom Weston). Maori-European history and issues are taken beyond the political by the controlled and contemplative tone, by the context of a sensitive, economically evoked landscape ('Massacre Hill'), and by a deft switching between the two languages ('Whaikorero' or 'Unfinished Crossword'). Several poems draw strength from an unfamiliar point of view, the poet himself modestly reticent and undogmatic. A poetry reviewer for the Press, Faith edited Dangerous Landscapes: An Anthology of New Zealand Poetry (1994), the best recent contemporary collection for young adults, the work of a skilled teacher as well as informed reader. The issues identified – the land, history, identity, the effort of craft – are also evident in his own poems. He has lived at Woodend and Lake Brunner, and since 1988 at Rangiora.