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the song of the huia, the flight of the huia, the click of the hammers, the song, the flight, the smell of the gunpowder, the flight, the warm feathers, the swing & catch, of claws on canvas, the scratch of pen, on paper
Te Ao Hou The Maori Magazine On this website you can browse through all 76 issues of the early Maori magazine Te Ao Hou, The New World. This magazine was published between 1952 and 1976. Rangi Faith's early high school poems are in the Younger Readers' section Issue Number 62, March 1968.
New Zealand Society of Authors This is a valuable website for all aspiring or established writers. It has an updated list of writing resources, awards, and fellowships, and is a good contact for advice on many issues, including publishing, writers' tax rates, and other services.
New Zealand Book Council The New Zealand Book Council site has a wealth of information on school programmes, New Zealand Writers' profiles, authors' events, and the latest literary news.
New Zealand Literature File The New Zealand Literature File features New Zealand and Pacific authors' work that has been studied at Auckland University. It has links to other New Zealand databases for research into authors, and other useful writing sites.
New Zealand Electronic Poetry Centre The New Zealand Electronic Poetry Centre is a pathway to electronic resources in New Zealand. It has a programme of electronic publication of poetry from New Zealand and the Pacific. It is administered through Auckland University, and has a comprehensive reference list of online poems, digital poetry, essays, and features on New Zealand poetry and poets.
Southern Ocean Review Southern Ocean Review is an on-line magazine of writing based in Dunedin, New Zealand. It has a useful archives section of previous issues, an index of local and international writers, and informative reviews of books by a wide range of writers, including poets, novelists, and architects. It has now ceased as an online magazine but has a useful archives section.

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